Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the great escape

Even though Zuzu is almost 2 - she's still not entirely to be trusted.  Is any dog?  OK, how about any FRENCH BULLDOG?

When we leave her in the morning, we STILL put Zuzu in her crate with her dog bed, a treat and a toy.  She doesn't seem to mind so much.  As soon as her peanut-butter-smeared-purple-treat-saucer is placed inside the crate, she plants herself next to it and stares at us while we frantically clean up breakfast dishes, pack lunches, hopefully all of the homework, and push kids out of the house.   She sits very still and focuses all of her energy on us making sure we don't forget to put her IN the crate WITH the treat.   But doesn't it seem like a nearly 2 year old dog should have more freedom in her own house?

Baby steps...or gates.  We put up baby gates in the kitchen so that she could at least roam the one room when we are not there.
But every time we come home - she's at the front door to greet us.    We've tried piling chairs in front and behind the gate and still - our little houdini manages to get free.  How does she do it?

Secret cameras reveal...

it's the old face-smush trick.
It works every time.

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  1. Where there is a will there's a way, even if it means a bit of squishing. Doesn't she look proud of herself?