Wednesday, January 25, 2012

zuzu's got a booboo

Sweet ZUZU it's been a long time since we've updated this blog!  Hard to keep up with this schnoobadoob.  Zuzu's been pret-ty busy.  When she's not napping.  

You can probably guess one place she's been if you watch the first minute of this little video clip ...

Yup - that is Jon Stewart.  Yup - he was talking about Zuzu. Sometimes her daddy takes her to work.  Too bad he didn't bring her in that day.  She and Betty would have gotten along famously.  Zuzu did visit The Daily Show just a few days ago - because we just couldn't leave her home alone looking like this:

Last week she scratched and scratched and she made a bad booboo on her lip.

It got a little swollen and messy so we had to slip a cone over her head to keep her from tearing her little face apart. 

It worked.  But it was a little tough for her to eat and drink, and she she had a hard time getting cozy in her bed - although she always seems to find a way.  They have a much nicer option in Japan.

Doesn't that dog look happy?  Even with a giant blue puffed doughnut around it's neck?  The real question is - does this dog ever NOT look happy?  I'm not sure if that would have been quite enough of a deterrent for Zuzu, but it does make you think, why a horrible plastic cone?   Zuzu's all better now - and much happier taking naps without that darn cone on.


  1. Oh Zuzu is SO CUTE! And wow. I wish someone famous would talk about my Lily!

  2. Makes me think that we should start knitting cone cozies. At least then they would be padded and soft and wooly.

  3. Zuzu is so cute! Hope she feels better soon :)
    Dasha and Frankie the Frenchie